Go to 'When Lives Matter' The Play to Support RightWay

The RightWay Foundation is the charity of choice for "When Lives Matter," a play about two realities exploring race, justice, and equality. We will be receiving 100% of the proceeds from the January 20th showing, thanks to the wonderful director Monti and his team. We appreciate not only their story telling, but their effect on the reality our foster youth are experiencing.

Please buy your tickets here. If you want to read more about the play, please visit www.whenlivesmattertheplay.com.

Job Fair to Start 2017 Off Right!

New Year, New Job. Come to the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall Community Room on January 24 at 11 am for a hiring event. The event should last until 3pm, and be prepared to interview. The event is open to the public, but our foster youth will be given priority.

We are hiring for employer HMSHost at LAX, who has open positions as Barista, Cooks, or FFA (Cashier). The pay is competitive.

Building My Foundation The RightWay

Today we are so excited to announce our campaign "Building My Foundation The RightWay" through a star student's story. Ricky is like many of our youth who have completed The RightWay Foundation's program, who have gone on to be successful and stable, building a self-sufficient future for themselves and sometimes their young families.

For donations of $500 or more, we will now recognize donors like yourselves permanently in our center on a brick with your name. For others who contribute, you can know that you are a vital piece of starting a fruitful future for our youth. Every amount helps us to reach our end-of-year goal with this campaign: $15,000 (we're off to a great start from Thanksgiving/Giving Tuesday at $4,170 but there is still a lot of work to do!). This amount was decided upon as our goal because it will provide for wonderful holidays for our youth and ensure they have a strong start to their new year through training, interview clothing, job opportunities, housing, and therapy. This will be a great jumping off point for a prosperous 2017 for our youth.

Please donate a brick above to start building someone's future. One of our youth will send you a video personally thanking you.

  • With $25 you can support one day of Operation Emancipation (OE) job training for one youth (food and teaching)
  • $50 will provide for a day of OE and a new shirt for one youth's job interviews
  • $100 will make sure two youth complete Operation Emancipation for at least one of the four weeks of classes

Help us reach our goal and share this message with all your friends and family during this holiday time and beyond. Ricky is not the first to be started on a successful transition to a bright future, and he will not be the last. We need your help to build more foundations the RightWay.

Thank you!

Creative Career Pathway Program 2017

In junction with the City of Los Angeles' Department of Cultural Affairs, The RightWay Foundation is launching phase two of our pilot Creative Career Pathway Program (CCPP). We cannot wait to place our paid interns at great cultural/creative institutions around the city and allow them to explore the art world or launch their careers in the arts. They have interviewed with our sites and will be starting in February. This is going to be a great cohort of Operation Emancipation, with up to 20 youth learning specific job skills that will benefit them in any career they might pursue.

Vote For Us In The NestFresh Cares Campaign

The RightWay Foundation is one of the last TEN finalists in a competition where hundreds competed. We will win a $1,500 donation if you just vote for us every day until December 15th!

We are so thankful for this opportunity and cannot wait to use the money to take 50 foster youth to the movies for Christmas if we win. Please help us do so and contribute to a cheerful Christmas celebration with your vote.

The link to vote is here and it is super easy to vote so please go do it! If for some reason that link doesn't work, go to NestFresh Eggs Facebook and click "NestFresh Cares Voting".  The link is currently not working on mobile, unfortunately. But it will work on a computer! Thanks.