The Issue: Foster Care Youth Aging Out

The RightWay Foundation works with youth ages 18-24 because they are preparing to emancipate or have just "aged out" of the system. In California, foster youth can age out at 21 under new law AB12 (if approved by fulfilling many requirements), but in most cases they must leave the system at 18. This transition is difficult for many foster youth who suddenly find themselves without the kind of resources that they had before their 18th or 21st birthday.

Many suffer the consequences of trauma from moving house to house or group home to group home in their childhood, lack the support they need to find a job and keep one, and are unable to secure housing after their housing from the County has now been cut off.

This transition is being made the most in LA County, especially in South Central Los Angeles. Of the approximately 415,000 foster youth living in the United States, there are 62,097 foster youth in California. More than 38% of foster youth in California live in Los Angeles County.

Many of our foster youth are pushed into the world without enough resources to ensure their success. Once aging out, youth are facing the realities of the general outcomes for foster youth in California and LA County, which are not positive. This is when they come to The RightWay Foundation.