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Building my foundation the rightway

The RightWay Foundation is starting a campaign for 2017, where donors can be permanently recognized in our center. Because many youth come to us with broken foundations, and our job is to work with them to build their foundations for the future back up, placing brick by brick together, we have a brick wall representing the work our youth and staff do together. With support of donors like you, especially in this campaign, we are working to start off the year with $15,000 in funds to go directly to our youth services.

The rightway foundation

This video was made by The Storyboard Project to highlight what The RightWay Foundation does in Operation Emancipation and for the youth we work with. You can look at more of The Storyboard Project's impactful videos here.

Creative Career Pathways program

The RightWay Foundation's Creative Career Pathway Program (CCPP), supported by the City of LA's Department of Cultural Affairs, places interns at a variety of different arts and cultural institutions. Placements have included Hammer Museum, Grand Performances, Jim Henson Studios, Artworx LA, Ryman Arts, LA Commons, SPARCS, and the Armory.

Daniel's Experience of homelessness & RightWay

Daniel was recently featured on an informative and amazing special by KCET's SoCal Connected that you can watch here. Before coming to The RightWay Foundation, Daniel emancipated into homelessness. Through his own resilience and motivation, he was able to secure a job, find housing, and pursue the completion of his education. He still is working towards his goals today, and Daniel has come a long way from the difficult circumstances he endured as a homeless teen.


The RightWay Foundation youth participated as hosts or panelists in Hack Foster Care LA. They were on all of the problem statement videos from previous interviews with the great team from Think Of Us, who largely started this movement. The team from Fostering Media Connections was great in leading the discussions about foster care during this event. Our youth enjoyed the time they spent working on real solutions to gaps in the foster care system and staying up all night with the dedicated hackers. Thanks to everyone who set this event up, it was amazing!

The RightWay Foundation talked with Vida Starr on the podcast "Flip The Script" on 90.7 KPFK. In between the awesome songs, RightWay had a great discussion about what we do, the importance of a trauma-informed approach, and much more.

100.3 Fm The Sound Interview

The RightWay Foundation had a great time talking with Tina Mastramico at 100.3 The Sound for the show "5900 Wilshire". We were able to cover a range of topics related to our organization and our foster youth in this 12 minute segment, which aired January 15th.

Franco Vega talks About youth Homelessness

This video was done for youth homelessness awareness month by our partner organization, Sanctuary of Hope, who provides housing for many of our homeless youth. The unfortunate reality is that there are not enough beds in south central Los Angeles for our youth (as many come to us enduring homelessness). We can support them and work 24 hours to find them available beds, but sometimes it takes time and we must keep them understanding that homelessness is not their future -- we will make sure it is temporary.

KDay Community Show Interview

93.5 KDay invited The RightWay Foundation to come talk about our work in the community and foster youth issues. The RightWay talked about successes of our youth, our 5th Year Anniversary, and what a difference support can make in the lives of our youth.

Hillary clinton meets with the rightway

During the 2016 primaries, Hillary Clinton made a stop in South LA to speak with organizations focusing on improving foster youth rights and the South LA community. During this meeting, some of our youth were able to share their experiences in the LA County foster care system with the Presidential candidate.

Jordan's RightWay Testimonal

Jordan is a former foster youth who completed The RightWay Foundation's Operation Emancipation program and interned at The RightWay.

Angels in adoption award

Executive Director of The RightWay Foundation, Franco Vega, received the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute's annual 'Angels in Adoption' awards. He was nominated by U.S. Representative and champion of children's issues, Representative Karen Bass, who he is pictured with at 3:25 in the above video.

Tj Maxx executives work with Our youth

In 2013, some executives from TJ Maxx came and led job training and practice interviews for our youth completing Operation Emancipation. They were able to use their current roles to demonstrate how they achieved those roles and inspire success.

Dylis Garcia Of Casa of los Angeles 

Dylis Garcia, the Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Los Angeles, spoke at The RightWay's 2014 Holiday Luncheon. 

SHane Goldsmith of Liberty hill Foundation

Shane Goldsmith, the President and CEO of Liberty Hill Foundation was honored and spoke at The RightWay's 2014 Holiday Luncheon.

Keith johnson of falcons youth services

Keith Johnson, President of Falcons Youth Services and a loyal volunteer of The RightWay Foundation, spoke at The RightWay's 2014 Holiday Luncheon.

Holiday Luncheon 2014 

The RightWay Foundation's 2014 Holiday Luncheon occurred at the USC Galen center and was an event where a few people who are involved in foster youth lives were honored, and had a chance to speak about their experiences with those youth. If you care to watch the full event, see the video above.