Where would our foster youth be without The RightWay Foundation?


According to youth who have completed our program:

I would probably still be living instead of being alive. Also, I would probably still be lost and confused about what I am eligible for as a former foster youth. I would still be without a job because of living with the same attitude that I been, or went through as a child.”
— Jasmine

Many foster youth have no opportunities to think about their future or focus on how they can get there. Our program is designed to encourage them, support them, and guide them to a better tomorrow, grounded in mental health treatment and solidified through employment.  

Surviving and living day to day is not the standard we should have for youth aging out of the system. They should be able to thrive.

Without RightWay, I would be at home on my a** without a plan, living day by day.”
— John
Without RightWay, I would still be questioning whether I was good enough to go after my dreams.”
— Adreanna


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